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Why I Am A Rotarian??

Rotarian.Chandrakant Doshi

I was brought up in a small town, Satara, and my childhood impression of Rotary was ‘An organization committed to Social and Environmental Cause’. I was invited by Manager of Bank of India to join the Club and this was important to me. I have made number of friends who are from different professions which helped me to enhance my circle and thereby broadened my views beyond my individual day-to-day affairs. I felt elevated by joining this distinguished organization such is the reputation Rotary enjoys in society. The beauty of this organization is that every member is treated with equality which I like.

Rotarian. Mukti Panse

I joined Rotary in June 2010.My father was a Rotarian, a president of Rotary Club of Aurangabad; but that is not the reason why I joined Rotary.The reason why I joined Rotary and continue to be a Rotarian is because of the structured matrix of the organization.

Everyone is holding the post for a reason; right from the RI President, District Governor, Club President, Directors, and Chairmen of various avenues. There is parity in the way Rotary functions at all levels. I have heard many good speakers in club, at Assembly, Seminars and Rotary Conferences. It is the largest and one of the best not for profit organizations in the world where many accomplished, talented and wise people with an inner motivation and common vision; work in unison for social cause; put their heads together and work shoulder to shoulder for the less fortunate in the society.

The efforts for disease prevention like Hepatitis B vaccination, Rubella Vaccine awareness in girls and vaccination, providing incubators to hospitals, blood donation camps and many such projects for humanitarian cause are gratifying and worth many compliments. The Pulse Polio initiative of WHO and Rotary has eradicated Polio from some countries and in others it will soon be achieved. The world is truly a global village since there are exchange programs for youth and professionals and the funding from other countries or matching grant projects do wonders and help the developing countries and are unique models of cooperation across the oceans. The desire to help others in various ways like polio corrective surgeries in Africa, Happy Village projects, literacy programs, water and sanitation projects have a tremendous impact on the underdeveloped areas and connected continents to facilitate extraordinary partnerships .

The discipline and importance of time is something that the youngsters can learn from Rotary. The Rotaract, Interact, and Earlyact clubs and RYLA give the children an opportunity to develop leadership qualities, to shoulder responsibility, to work as a team and understand their strengths and weaknesses. They learn to think, plan, execute and apply their mind for a cause.

What I appreciate most is that the whole family can enjoy the fellowship, friendship at the same time take part in social service projects that makes the membership worthwhile. It also provides a platform for public speaking, developing interpersonal skills and to showcase your talent through the family nights, district events and competitions conducted by various clubs like singing, acting, dancing, poetry and other attributes as well. Each one in the family can relate to Rotary activities in one way or the other.

You do not even realize that the members of your club have already become a part of your extended family. They are there to wish you on your birthday, anniversary, appreciate your achievements. They are with you even in the moments of despair when someone moves to the next world or is hospitalized. The friendship grows and blooms if you follow the four way test that Rotary teaches you on the very first day that you are inducted. I am proud to be a Rotary Club of Nigdi-Pune member. I think these are reasons enough for anyone to be a Rotarian and continue to be in Rotary.

Rano Singhania

When you first get a call from a friend nudging you to join Rotary Club, and then receive an invitation from the Club, you are immediately confronted with this important question: Why do I want to join Rotary? Honestly, most of us do not know the answer till such time we decide to join this wonderful organisation.Which other platform enables you to contribute to Society in a major way which otherwise will be difficult as an individual?Where do you make friends (after school and college) who have no interest in your business other than your company?Which other platform enables me to keep learning, week after week, and enrich self?

Which other organisation enables me to connect, on an equal footing, with young and old, privileged and not-so-privileged, across nations, male and female, without any prejudice or bias?

I am so glad I am a Rotarian

A R Ranganathan

Apart from primary needs of food, clothing and shelter one needs friendship and fellowship to satisfy one’s intellectual needs. All have friends, but to have a number of them with a variety of interests, professions and wavelengths is something which everyone would love. SO I AM A ROTARIAN.

Moral values have been inculcated in us right from childhood. Helping and serving come naturally to us who have been brought up under a cultural environment. As an individual one can serve only at a micro level. Every individual dreams of giving back to the society which has provided him the opportunities to be what he is today. Contribution from individuals when jointly done becomes a help at a macro level. This Service above Self satiates the hungerof service. SO I AM A ROTARIAN.

We get an opportunity to listen to stalwarts who are proficient in their fields and we reward them by presenting Vocational Awards. Thus our thirst for knowledge is quenched and at the same time we get the satisfaction of rewarding some who truly deserve. HENCE I AM A ROTARIAN. All want fun & entertainment. Especially when it is with like minded people like the members of Rotary, what more does one want.SO I AM IN ROTARY.

Man is interdependent. Rotarians can rest assured that in their time of need help will pour in from Rotarians anywhere in the world. Even GOD has proved that when you help someone, help comes to you when you are in need. HENCE I AM A ROTARIAN.

Finally, one is a Rotarian only because a fellow Rotarian willed so. I am here because of Rtn. P C Jain who introduced me to this beautiful world of Rotary.

Gautam Doshi

When one opens the morning paper everyday, one reads about conflicts, disease, poverty, misery and so and so forth. What can I do for families who have lost their houses? What can I do for people who are succumbing to disease or for that malnutritioned child whose photograph that you see? Should I just pity them and do nothing about it? Can I do something for people who do not get safe drinking water or a proper toilet to use? I want the government to do something – someone must stop all this!

I am too small and helpless but are you really helpless? Look around and you find out that you are doing far better than many others. If you feel really strongly even you can make a difference! Rotarians today are working silently in the following six focus areas to try to make a better world.

Areas of focus

1. Peace and conflict prevention/resolution

2. Disease prevention and treatment

3. Water and sanitation

4. Maternal and child health

5. Basic educ

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